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FINALLY! An updated Wind Controller FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is now available here.

Visit the Wind Controller FAQ for everything you ever needed to know about wind controllers!

Audio Modeling SWAM Sample Modeling sales at Patchman Music

Roland AE-10 Aerophone AE10 wind controller at Patchman Music Patchman Music is now an
Authorized Audio Modeling SWAM Dealer!

Patchman Music is now an authorized dealer for the wonderful Audio Modeling SWAM Virtual Instruments. If you use a wind controller or breath controller you should definitely look into picking up these highly expressive instruments from Patchman Music. Patchman Music offers very attractive discounted prices on these instruments. Email Matt for your special discount price!

Click here for complete details

Berglund NuEVI & NuRAD dealer sales at Patchman Music Roland AE-10 Aerophone AE10 wind controller at Patchman Music Patchman Music is an
Authorized US Dealer for the Berglund NuEVI & NuRAD

If you are looking for the latest in MIDI/USB wind controllers, look no further. Patchman Music is now an authorized dealer for the Berglund NuEVI and NuRAD MIDI/USB wind controllers from Berglund Instruments. These amazing new wind controllers feature a legacy 5 pin MIDI Out as well as a USB connection for quick and easy connection to your synth or computer. These instruments are also available with built in wireless MIDI systems and rechargeable LiPo batteries! Patchman Music stocks brand new Berglund NuEVI and NuRAD instruments that have been custom built for Patchman Music to our specifications. Every NuEVI and NuRAD is fully tested and calibrated by Matt Traum here at Patchman Music. Matt has also been involved in the development and refinement of the OS contained in these instruments. He also designed the embouchure sensor which is standard now on all NuEVI and NuRAD instruments.

Click here for complete details on this wonderful new product

Roland Announces Aerophone AE-10G in Graphite Black

Roland has reponded to the market and announced a beautiful Graphite Black version of their new goundbreaking Aerophone. The Roland AE-10G is the second entry into the wind controller market by synth giant Roland. The Pearl White model is also still available. The Aerophone AE-10G specs are exactly the same as the AE-10 Pearl White model. The only difference is the color. The AE-10G features a built in SuperNATURAL sound engine, stereo practice speakers, LCD display, front panel editing, extremely sax-like fingering with moving keys, 10 savable user fingerings for custom altissimo / alternate fingering, multiple fingering systems including Sax, EVI/Brass/ Trumpet, Recorder, EWI, battery or AC adaptor power.

Click here for complete info on the Roland AE-10 Aerophone Wind Controller

Roland AE-10G Aerophone AE10G wind controller at Patchman Music

Roland Releases New Wind Controller

Roland has entered the wind controller market announcing their new Roland AE-10 Aerophone. The Aerophone features a built in SuperNATURAL sound engine, stereo practice speakers, LCD display, front panel editing, extremely sax-like fingering with moving keys, 10 savable user fingerings for custom altissimo / alternate fingering, multiple fingering systems including Sax, EVI/Brass/ Trumpet, Recorder, EWI, battery or AC adaptor power.

Click here for complete info on the Roland AE-10 Aerophone Wind Controller

Roland AE-10 Aerophone AE10 wind controller at Patchman Music

Akai Releases New EWI5000 Wireless Wind Controller

Akai Professional, creators of the original EWI, announce the EWI 5000, the most expressive and versatile wind instrument in the world. EWI5000 Wireless Electronic Wind Instrument includes an array of advanced features, including digital 2.4GHz ultra-low-latency wireless connectivity, a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours, and more than 3GB of built-in traditional and progressive sounds.

Click here for complete info on the Akai EWI5000 Wind Controller

Akai EWI5000 5000 EWI-5000 EWI-5000s wind controller at Patchman Music

Kontakt 4 5 wind controller sounds sample library for Kontakt breath controller patches soundbanks native instruments from Patchman Music

Patchman Music Releases WindPak Wind Controller Sound Libraries for Kontakt 4+!

After more than 3 years of development, Patchman Music has released a brand new series of sample libraries specifically programmed for use with Native Instruments Kontakt 4.0 and higher. These new Patchman Music WindPak Series soundbanks are specifically designed and expertly programmed by professional wind controller player / master wind controller sound designer Matt Traum for use with a wind controller or breath controller.

Click here for complete info and sound demos

Patchman Music Wind Controller Galleries Goes Online!

We thought it would be fun to create a couple web pages consisting simply of photos of wind controller players playing a specific instrument. If you play EVI, EWI, or WX you will love this collection of images. Here are the links:


Akai Releases EWI USB Wind Controller

Akai recently released the new EWI USB wind controller. The Akai EWI USB is a USB wind controller (the first ever). It connects to a computer's USB port allowing you to play a computer softsynths directly such as the included Aria soft synth and any others. Additionally, the Akai EWI USB features several built-in fingering systems including Sax, Traditional EWI, Brass / EVI, Flute, and Oboe! Patchman Music offers the Akai EWI USB at their AKAI Store.

Click here for complete info on the Akai EWI USB Wind Controller

Akai Releases EWI4000s Wind Controller

Akai released the EWI4000s wind controller. The Akai EWI4000s features battery power, and a built-in analog modeled synth with effects right inside the body of the instrument, and an additional EVI fingering mode! Patchman Music recently opened the AKAI Store and stocks the EWI4000s. Patchman also offers an impressive new soundbank that turbocharges the EWI4000s!

Click here for complete info on the Akai EWI4000s

Akai EWI4000s at Patchman Music


The Official Wind Controller Forum Now Online!

Patchman Music is proud to be hosting The Wind Controller Forum. This web-based forum is dedicated to the wind controller and breath controller. Come join thousands of the world's top wind controller enthusiasts at the official Wind Controller Forum.

Click here to join The Wind Controller Forum

Patchman Music now an Authorized Akai Dealer

Patchman Music is now an authorized Akai dealer specializing and stocking all Akai wind controller gear. Recently opened is the AKAI Store where you can buy various Akai EWI and EVI items.

Click here to visit the Patchman Music AKAI Store.

The Akai Store at Patchman Music

Midi Jet Pro Wireless Midi System at Patchman MusicPatchman Music is an
Authorized Midi Jet Pro USB Dealer

Patchman Music is an authorized US dealer for the MidiJet Pro USB Wireless MIDI System. If you have a battery capable MIDI wind controller such as the EWI4000s, EWI5000, WX5, MIDI EVI, WX7/BT7, WX11/BT7, Casio DH-100, or DH-200 you can now enjoy wireless MIDI performance.

Click here for complete details on this wonderful new product

Patchman Music Wind Controller Repair Service

Patchman Music repairs most wind controllers, related synths, and accessories. Why trust your wind controller to a keyboard tech or hobbyist who has never even seen one?!

Previous clients include wind controller pros such as Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), and Bobby Reed (Bruce Hornsby). We play and fully understand wind controllers. We do the job right.

Click here for details

Joel Peskin EWI Story at Patchman MusicJoel Peskin's EWI Story

Be sure to read this wonderful story by EWI pioneer Joel Peskin. It chronicles his adventure working as a liason between EVI / EWI inventor Nyle Steiner and musical instrument manufacturer Akai to bring these instruments to market. Joel participation in these early events helped assure that musicians throughout the world were able buy and use the Akai EWI1000 and EVI1000 wind controllers. Joel is also one of the earliest EWI players as well as a prominent studio sax man.

Click here to read the article

Turbo VLPatchman TURBO VL Upgrade Ships!

The amazing PATCHMAN TURBO VL upgrade chip for the Yamaha VL70-m is now shipping. Read all about it, listen to over 200 mp3 audio demos, view a video, read what legendary Tom Scott has to say about it. Click here for details

Judd MillerTribute to EVI Great Judd Miller

Visit Patchman Music's tribute page to the great EVI pioneer and session musician Judd Miller. Judd is one of the earliest and arguably the most prominent of all EVI players. Read a rare interview with Judd Miller as he talks about his studio work and EVI gear.

Click here for details

Mark HatchTribute to EVI Pioneer Mark Hatch

Visit our Tribute to EVI Pioneer Mark Hatch webpage. Mark is one of the earliest EVI players having gone to college with Nyle Steiner. Over the years he would hang out in Nyle's workshop and Nyle and he would try various things- often coming up with things that we now take for granted. This was truly a creative and inventive time in wind controller history.

You can read about Mark, see some of his rigs from past years, and even hear him play at this webpage...

Click here for details

Matt Traum Website Online

Patchman Music's Matt Traum has a new website with info about the man behind Patchman Music as well as lots of audio clips of his EVI work and info on his wind controller gig rigs.

Click here for details

Click below for Matt's new MySpace webpage:

My Space Judd Miller

MattsGigRigMatt Traum Gig Rig Webpage

Looking for the ultimate Wind Controller Rig? Matt from Patchman Music has posted info and pictures of several revisions of his Gig Rigs. Check these out to learn from a wind controller expert how you can put together a great wind controller rig for yourself!!

Click here for details

wind controller patches sounds soundbanks samples programs voices

Patchman Music Wind Controller Soundbanks

Patchman Music SPECIALIZES in Wind Controllers and is THE source for wind controller and breath controller soundbanks for the world's leading synths and samplers.

Click here for a current list of PATCHMAN MUSIC professional wind controller soundbanks for various synthesizers and samplers.

wind controller patches sounds soundbanks samples programs voices

EVIZoneSteve Anderson's EVI Zone

Check out EVI virtuoso and pioneer Steve Anderson's THE EVI ZONE. There are lots of great audio clips at the site as well as info and photos of his excellent brass-style wind controller gig rig.

Click here for details

MIDI EVI Embouchure SensorEmbouchure Sensor Mod for the MIDI EVI

MIDI EVI OWNERS! Check out this exciting new MIDI EVI Embouchure Sensor mod developed by Matt Traum at Patchman Music.

Click here for details

Bob Hunt's Synthophone Site

Check out our good friend Bob Hunt's Synthophone website. It features lots of audio and video clips of Bob playing the Synthophone wind controller as well as info on his gig rig and his custom Wireless Synthophone Project.

Check it out at

Bob Norton's "WX5 Tips and Tricks"

WX5 OWNERS! Be sure to check out Bob Norton's site with some excellent tips on setting up the WX5. This is a great resource for beginners just starting out on the WX5 wind controller who need help adjusting it to their playing style.

Click here for details

CasioDH-100PatchmanCasio DH-100/200 Sales and Repairs

Patchman Music now repairs and sells used Casio DH-100 and DH-200 Digital MIDI Horns (as well as most other wind controllers).

Click here for details

LyriconLogoJorrit Dijkstra's Lyricon Page

Jorrit Dijkstra's interesting site on the Lyricon complete with a picture of inventor Bill Bernardi.

Click here for details

Sal Gallina Patchman MusicTribute to WX7 Pioneer Sal Gallina

Patchman Music has published a webpage dedicated to the late great WX7 design consultant to Yamaha Sal Gallina complete with amazing MP3 audio tracks of Sal playing the WX7. This is a must-see web page!

Click here to visit the Sal Gallina Tribute Page

MIDI EVI Patchman MusicThe MIDI EVI Webpage

Trumpet and brass players, be sure to check out the amazing MIDI EVI brass style MIDI wind controller. This instrument is hand made by inventor Nyle Steiner.

Click here for details

Nyle Steiner Patchman Music The Official Nyle Steiner Homepage

The Official Nyle Steiner Homepage is brought to you by PATCHMAN MUSIC in cooperation with Nyle Steiner to keep you informed of the latest news from the inventor of the EVI and EWI wind controllers.

This is the place to go for the latest Nyle News. You will also find the latest information on Nyle Steiner's new MIDI EVI controller, EWI to EVI conversions, audio clips of Nyle's amazing virtuosity, as well as personal notes from Nyle Steiner himself.

Click here for details

StealthThe Ian Fritz's Stealth Webpage

Ian Fritz's very cool wind controller site featuring his home-brew "Stealth" wind controller, "Son of Stealth" wind controller, analog synth, and physical modeling clarinet!

Ian is a genius electronics whiz and inventor.

Be sure to visit this great page!

Click here for details

Louis Gerrits' Michael Brecker Website

Louis Gerrits Michael Brecker PageLouis Gerrits has a wonderful website dedicated to legendary EWI / saxman Michael Brecker. It has lots of transcriptions, videos, and audio clips.

Click here to visit the website.

SynthophoneThe Softwind Synthophone Homepage

If you are interested in the ultimate Sax style MIDI controller, you owe it to yourself to visit the Softwind Synthophone. Martin Hurni, the creator of the Synthophone, is a genius and a great guy.

Erik Klein has also created a great Synthophone page with information and photos of the Synthophone.

Wind Controllers

Check out the official wind controller website at

Rolando Gingras EVI PageRolando Gingras' EVI Haven

The Rolando Gingras EVI Haven website includes sample audio files excerpted from his many recordings featuring the EVI. Check him out!

Click here for details

Ron Cole's EVI Dissertation

Click here (Mac-Stuffed) or click here (PC-Zipped) to download a 1.3 meg PDF file containing Ron Cole's doctoral dissertation titled "The Electronic Valve Instrument: Nyle Steiner's Unique Musical Innovation," submitted to the University of Washington in June of 1998. This is the FULL VERSION with all the chapters! Check it out EVI and EWI fans! (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Midi Solutions Patchman Music

Patchman Music Now an Authorized Midi Solutions Dealer

The Canadian company called MIDI Solutions makes a device called the Breath Controller Box. It is a breath to MIDI converter for use with the Yamaha BC series breath controllers. The Breath Controller Box is a small MIDI-powered device that accepts a Yamaha Breath Controller as input and generates MIDI data corresponding to the amount of breath pressure applied to the device. This is great news since Anatek, manufacturer of the Wind Machine, is no longer in business.

Click here to visit the Patchman Music Midi Solutions Store

Colored Akai EWI1999 Winter NAMM Show EWI Report

EWI fans!! Check out the 1999 Winter NAMM Akai EWI Report. It has lots of great photos of some custom colored EWIs guaranteed to open your eyes.

Click here for details

Yamaha Virtual Big BandThe Yamaha Virtual Big Band at the 1997 NAMM Show

Read a very cool report and see photos of the historic Yamaha Virtual Big Band concert at the 1997 NAMM Show.

Click here for details

Yamaha WX5Complete Info On The Yamaha WX5

This website, hosted by Patchman Music, contains detailed information on the Yamaha WX5 sax-style MIDI Wind Controller.

Click here for details

Creating Harmonies With The Akai EWI/EVI

Tips On Creating Harmonies with an Akai EWI wind controller. An excellent article on how to best make use of the Chord Feature found on many of the Akai EWI and EVI modules.

Click here for details

Manny Fernandez's Excellent VL Programming Tutorial

The HTML version of the Yamaha VL Programming Guide and Tutorial for the Yamaha VL Expert Editor software is available on the web, courtesy of Manny Fernandez and Yamaha.

Click here for details


The Akai Store at Patchman Music

The Roland Store at Patchman Music

The Yamaha Store at Patchman Music

TURBO VL Chip Akai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEMAkai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEMAkai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEM
Check out the INCREDIBLE PATCHMAN TURBO VL Upgrade Chip for the Yamaha VL70-m
Akai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEMAkai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEMAkai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEM

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