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Welcome to The KORG STORE at PATCHMAN MUSIC. We specialize in synthesizers and wind controller systems. We are experts in everything relating to MIDI Wind Controllers.

Are you frustrated trying to find a dealer that even knows what a wind controller is? Your search is over. PATCHMAN MUSIC SPECIALIZES in wind controllers and breath controllers. We are THE wind controller experts. Call us for knowledgeable expert advice on purchasing a complete new or used wind controller system. PATCHMAN MUSIC sells, supports, modifies and repairs wind controllers. You've come to the right place.

By supporting PATCHMAN MUSIC you are supporting the windsynth community. Your support allows us to continue to provide knowledgeable personalized wind controller advice and continued windcontroller, windsynth, and breath controller product development. If you don't see what you need listed below, call us. Other dealers simply are not able to answer your wind controller questions like we can. So call now!

OUTSIDE THE USA?: PATCHMAN MUSIC DOES NOT SHIP GEAR OUTSIDE THE USA - NO EXCEPTIONS! If you live outside the USA and wish to order an Akai product, you will need to have someone in the USA order AND PAY FOR the gear for you (credit cards/checks must be based in the USA). If this is not possible, then please contact a Korg dealer in your country. Of course, as always, all Patchman Music soundbanks and software CAN be shipped overseas.

Recently, a satisfied customer wrote: "I purchased my first WX5 and VL70-m from [major online dealer] and I ended up taking it back because I was frustrated with the results I was getting and couldn't get any 'real' help from them in that department. A year later I talked with Matt at Patchman and he guided me in the right direction, set me up with the right tools and I am a happy camper. Sometimes I sound like I am on commission as a salesman for him, but that sure isn't the case. I just feel very strongly about the help I received then and now. An old saying goes 'Dance with the one that you brought you to the dance'."

korg synth patches soundbanks sounds samples programs voices
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KORG Soundbanks and Samples

Patchman Music offers professional soundbanks for numerous KORG synths and samplers.

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Korg microKorg Patchman Music
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KORG microKorg

Analog Modeled Synth / Vocoder

The Korg microKorg delivers the quality sounds and features you expect from Korg at a price that will astound you. Powerful synthesis is the nature of this beast! The Korg microKORG boasts the same dual-oscillator DSP synthesis engine found in Korg's critically acclaimed MS2000 and offers a wider selection of waveforms than almost any other modeled synth. In addition, 64 exclusive DWGS waveforms from Korg's classic DW-8000 enables you to reproduce a broad collection of imitative sounds that are traditionally difficult reproduce on an analog synthesizer with the microKorg.

KORG microKorg Features

  • Analog Modeling Synthesizer with 8-band Vocoder & Microphone
  • Sound Generation Method: Analog Modeling Synthesis System
  • Synthesizer Program: Multi Timbral=2 (max, Normal/Dual Mode)
  • 4 voice polyphony
  • Sound Source: 2 Oscillator + Noise Generator
  • Multi Mode Filter (-24dB/oct LPF, -12dB/oct LPF/BPF/HPF), EG x2, LFO x2, Virtual Patch x4
  • Vocoder Program: Voices = 4 Voices
  • 128 Programs
  • Effects: Modulation effects (3 types), Delay (3 types), 2-band Equalizer
  • 6 Arpeggiator types
  • 37 Keys (mini-keyboard, velocity sensitive)
  • Inputs: AUDIO IN 1, and 2
  • Level switch: LINE/MIC
  • Outputs: L/MONO, R and Headphones
  • MIDI: IN, OUT and THRU
  • Display: 3 characters x1 line with 8 segment LED
  • Power Supply: DC 9 V (AC adapter), or 6 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 20.63"(W) x 9.02"(D) x 2.8"(H)
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs.
  • Accessories: AC adapter (DC 9 V, 600 mA), Condenser Microphone

Click here for complete details on the KORG microKorg

List Price $500

Korg Synth Synthesizers Samplers dealer discount for saleCall for your special LOW price!!

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Korg microKorg Patchman Music
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KORG microX

25-key Compact Synth with HI Synthesis

The KORG microX is a compact and portable synthesizer that delivers incredible sonic power, advanced control, and up-to-date integration with computer-based music systems. The microX music synthesizer is packed with a full complement of wonderful sounds generated by the acclaimed sample-based HI synthesis system featured on the world-famous TRITON series. Designed to fit into today's computer-based home and on-the-go studio, the KORG microX is the perfect complement for any musical genre, production style, and performance scene.

KORG microX Features

  • Compact, portable design with 25 full-size keys
  • HI synthesis engine (as used by the Triton Series)
  • 640 Programs and 384 Combinations
  • 64MB of onboard ROM sample and waveform data
  • Combination mode allows up to eight programs to be freely combined
  • Studio quality effects (up to four at a time)
  • Dual polyphonic arpeggiators
  • Full-featured editing software (standalone or plug-in)
  • Multi Sets provide instant recall of 16-part multi-timbral groupings
  • Up to 4 high-quality effects can be used simultaneously
  • External control setups for use with DAW software and softsynths
  • 4 channel audio output allows sophisticated sound-creating and mixing techniques such as using external effect processors and surround applications.
  • Multi Sets provide easy setup and instant recall of 16-part multi-timbral groupings for use with your external DAW software.
  • Powerful dual polyphonic arpeggiators provide a wide range of possibilities, ranging from realistic phrases to distinctive flourishes.
  • External control setups can be used to control your DAW software, soft synths and other devices.
  • USB connector allows direct MIDI connection to your computer.
  • Editor and Editor Plug-in software are included for seamless editing of microX sounds from within your DAW software.

Click here for complete details on the KORG microX

List Price $750

Korg Synth Synthesizers Samplers dealer discount for saleCall for your special LOW price!!

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 Wind Controllers


Patchman Music REPAIRS most wind controllers including the Akai EWI5000, EWI4000S, EWI USB, EWI1000, EVI1000, EWV2000, EWI3000, EWI3000m, EWI3020, EWI3020m, and EWI3030m, Steiner MIDI EVI, Crumar EVI, Casio DH-100, DH-200, DH-500, DH-800, Yamaha WX7, WX11, WX5, WindJamm'r, etc.
We are an authorized repair center for Yamaha Wind Controllers.

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 Wind Controllers

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Wind Controllers and Accessories

KORG gear and all other hardware is shipped only within the USA- NO EXCEPTIONS
(Patchman Music software products CAN be shipped worldwide)
Shipping fees are higher for Alaska and Hawaii.
Shipping CAN be combined on some items.
All items listed on this page are NEW
(except for Ohio destinations)
Prices are subject to change


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