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BitHeadz Unity DS-1 DS1 Samples soundbanks programs patches at Patchman MusicBitHeadz Unity DS-1

Studio Series Essentials CD ROM

Online MP3 Demo Available! (See Below)

The all-new PATCHMAN MUSIC Studio Series Essentials CD ROM for Unity DS-1 is jam packed with over 10,000 great sounds designed to help you create professional sounding music on your PC or Mac. The Studio Series Essentials CD ROM includes over 400 Banks of sounds featuring over 600 megs of samples and over 10,000 Programs (yes, over 10,000!) professionally programmed for Bitheadz Unity DS-1. (See below for a list of the Banks included on this CD.)

Studio Series Essentials gives you an extensive assortment of highly useful acoustic and synthetic sounds. These are usable, playable sounds- not drum loops. Aside from a few shaker loops, drumbeat loops are nowhere to be found on this CD.

Highlights from Studio Series Essentials include an outstanding 35 meg stereo Steinway piano which has NO LOOPS in the upper 3/4 of the keymap!, our popular multi-velocity 10 meg Curbow electric bass, Alembic fretless bass with harmonics and finger effects, loads of luscious stereo synth Banks including great MicroModular, JP8000, M1, T1, Z1, MiniMoog bass and leads, and Matrix-1000 sounds, extensive drum libraries, Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Recorders (in stereo), Tin Whistle, Pan Flute, Bamboo Flute, Flutophone, Vintage Harmonica, over 110 Banks of basses, and so much more! This CD also includes numerous wind controller / breath controller Programs in many of the Banks that are ready to be used with a breath controller or wind controller such as the BC3, EWI, EWI5000, EWI4000s, EWI USB, MIDI EVI, EVI, WX5, WX7, WX11, MDT, nuEVI, Aodyo Sylphyo, or Synthophone. Studio Series Essentials offers an unbelievable value at about 36¢ per soundbank!!! If you have Unity, you owe it to yourself to own this collection!

Your Price $95 + shipping. New Low Price!! To order, use our Secure Online Order Form.

Formats: PC or Mac formatted CD ROM for use with BitHeadz Unity DS-1.
(PLEASE NOTE: Requires Unity or Unity Player version 2.0 or higher. Can also be used with various other BitHeadz products such as Black and Whites, etc. Just drop these banks in your Unity Banks folder!) Please specify PC or Mac when ordering.

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks Customer Comments...

"I received my Studio Series for Unity disc at the end of last week, loaded it into my Mac G4/450 and have been listening to the samples, which are very good! I think you've done a terrific job with this disc. Thanks."

"Essentials is a worthwhile collection that expands DS-1's palette considerably." - Derek Johnson, Sound On Sound Magazine Online. Copyright (c)2002 Sound On Sound

Unity DS-1 Studio Series Essentials Audio Demo (1.8 megs) Click on the speaker to download a high quality MP3 audio demo of this soundbank. This audio demo contains 13 short segments recorded directly from Unity DS-1 to hard disk. No processing was added and the sounds are isolated to demonstrate their quality. The Programs in this demo are from the following Banks... Steinway Piano-f-ST 35M.uds, Bamboo Flute-ST.uds, Alembic Fretless Bass-8M.uds, BadarouPad-Matrix-1000.uds, Classical Ac. Guitar.uds, Curbow Elect Bass-10M.uds, Jazz B3-ST.uds, T1 Bell Pad-ST.uds, Harmonica-Vintage.uds, MModular Bass.uds, EX800 Big Bass-ST.uds, BellFlop.uds, and Tin Whistle.uds. Audio Demo Help

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks Studio Series Essentials Contents

Below is a list of the Banks included on the PATCHMAN MUSIC Studio Series Essentials CD ROM. (Remember, EACH Bank listed below contains up to 50 Programs!!)

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks BASS

Alembic Fretless Bass-2M.uds
Alembic Fretless Bass-8M.uds
Alembic Fretless Mute Bs-9M.uds
Alembic Fretls Slide Bs-7M.uds
Big El Bass 1.uds
Carvin Bass 3.uds
Carvin Chorus Bass.uds
Carvin Clean Finger Bass.uds
Carvin Hard Bass.uds
Carvin Mix Bass.uds
Carvin Pop Bass 1.uds
Carvin Pop Mix 1.uds
Carvin Thumb Bass.uds
Clean Finger Bass 2.uds
Comp Bass 01.uds
Curbow Clean Bass-2M.uds
Curbow Elect Bass-10M.uds
Curbow Finger Bass-2M.uds
Curbow Finger Bass-3M.uds
Curbow FingerCleanEBs-5M.uds
Curbow Slide E. Bass-8M.uds
Curbow Thumb Bass-2M.uds
Curbow Thumb-Pop Bass-5M.uds
CZ Dance Bass.uds
CZ Layer Bass 1.uds
CZ Layer Bass 2.uds
CZ Mean Bass.uds
CZ Sample Bass.uds
E. Bass Harmonics.uds
ESQ Bass.uds
EX800 Big Bass-ST.uds
FM Bass 01.uds
FM Bass 02.uds
Fretless Bass-Small.uds
Fretless E Bass.uds
Guit Bass.uds
Hammer Bass.uds
Jaco Bass Matrix-1000.uds
JP8000 Analog Bass 1.uds
JP8000 Analog Bass 2.uds
JP8000 Analog Bass 3.uds
JP8000 Analog Bass 4.uds
JP8000 Dubb Bass.uds
JP8000 House Bass 1.uds
JP8000 Juno Bass 1-ST.uds
JP8000 Juno Bass 2.uds
JP8000 Spit Bass.uds
JP8000 Sub Bass.uds
JV Pick Bass.uds
JV Slap Bass A.uds
JV Slap Bass B.uds
K3 Bass 1.uds
K3 Bass 2.uds
K3 Bass 3.uds
K3 Bass 4.uds
Matrix Ow Bass.uds
MModular Bass 1.uds
MModular Bass 2.uds
MModular Bass 3.uds
Mondo Bass.uds
Moog Bass 01.uds
Moog Bass 02.uds
Moog Bass 03.uds
Moog Bass 04.uds
Moog Bass 05.uds
Moog Bass 06.uds
Moog Bass 07.uds
Moog Bass 08.uds
Moog Bass 09.uds
Moog Bass 10.uds
Moog Bass 11.uds
Moog Bass 12.uds
Moog Bass 13.uds
Moog Bass 14.uds
Moog Bass 15.uds
Moog Bass 16.uds
Moog Bass 17.uds
Moog Bass 18.uds
Moog Bass 19.uds
Moog Bass 20.uds
Moog Bass Tite.uds
Mute Bass 01.uds
Pick Bass 01.uds
Pluck Bass.uds
Pop Funk Bass.uds
Proteus Funk Bass.uds
Proteus Layer Bass.uds
Proteus Moog Bass.uds
Proteus Stone Bass.uds
Proteus Thunder Bass.uds
Rap Bass 01.uds
Small Curbow Bass 01.uds
Strat Bass.uds
Super Mute Bass.uds
SY77 Moog Bass.uds
SY99 Moog Bass 1.uds
Synth Bass 01.uds
Synth Bass 02.uds
TX802 Bass 137.uds
TX802 Bass Beat.uds
TX802 Hard Bass.uds
TX802 Jones Bass.uds
TX802 Moog Bass.uds
TX802 Pluck Bass.uds
TX802 Steinbass.uds
TX802 Sting Bass.uds
TX802 Super Bass.uds
Upright Bass-Bowed 01.uds
Upright Bass-Pizzi 01.uds
Vogue Bass.uds
Z1 Finger Bass.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks BELLS

Agogo Bells 01-ST.uds
Chime Tree-Gliss-ST.uds
Chime Tree-Pitched-ST.uds
Cowbells 01-ST.uds
Crotale-Brass Mallet-ST.uds
Crotale-Wood Mallet-ST.uds
Desk Bell-ST.uds
Ships Bell-ST.uds
Sleighbells 01-ST.uds
Sleighbells 02.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks BRASS

Big Band Hits 01-ST.uds
Flugelhorn 01.uds
Flugelhorn 02.uds
Flugelhorn 03.uds
French Horn Sect 01.uds
Harmon Mute Tpt 01.uds
Harmon Mute Tpt 02.uds
Horn Hits 01.uds
Matrix New Brass.uds
Pop Brass 01.uds
Straight Brass.uds
Trombone 01.uds
Trombone 02.uds
Trumpet 01-Small.uds
Trumpet 02.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks DRUMS

80s GM Drums.uds
Alesis HR-16.uds
Alesis SR-16.uds
Cymbal Hits-ST.uds
Cymbal Rolls-ST.uds
Cymbal Wipes-ST.uds
Dance Kick Drums 01.uds
E. Kick Drums 01.uds
Hal Drums 01.uds
Hand Crash Cymbal-ST.uds
HiHats 01.uds
Jazz Kit 01.uds
Jazz Snares 01.uds
JV80 Drums.uds
Kick Drums 01.uds
Kick Drums 02.uds
Kick Drums 03.uds
Kick Drums 04.uds
Kick Drums 05.uds
Kick Drums 06.uds
Linn Drum 01.uds
M1 Drums.uds
MicroModular Drums.uds
Moog Percussion.uds
Proteus Drums.uds
R8M Drums.uds
Rap HipHop Drums.uds
RX5 Drums.uds
Snare Drums 01.uds
Snare Drums 02.uds
Snare Drums 03.uds
Snare Drums 04.uds
Snare Drums 05.uds
Snare Drums 06.uds
SY77 Drums.uds
Toms 01.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks EFX

Acme Siren-ST.uds
Finger Flams.uds
Matrix-1000 Zap.uds
Moog Glisses.uds
Slide Whistle EFX-ST.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks KEYBOARDS

Accordian 01.uds
Accordian 02.uds
Ambient Piano-ST 7M.uds
B3 Organ 01.uds
Clavinet 1.uds
Clavinet 2.uds
CZ Synth Piano.uds
DX E Piano 01.uds
Etherial Organ.uds
FM El. Piano 01.uds
Glass Organ-ST.uds
Grand Piano 01.uds
Jazz B3-ST.uds
Leslie Organ.uds
Moog Organ.uds
P-330 Ac Piano.uds
PianoStrings-ST 8M.uds
Pipe Organ-ST.uds
Proteus Ac. Piano.uds
Proteus B3 Organ.uds
Proteus El. Piano.uds
QS Leslie Organ-ST.uds
Steinway Piano-f-ST 35M.uds
TX Wurly Pno-Small.uds
TX802 Pipes 1.uds
TX802 Pipes 2.uds
TX802 WurliPiano.uds
Vibes 01.uds
Z1 B3 Organ-ST.uds
Z1 Harpsichord.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks PERCUSSION

Cabasa 01-ST.uds
Egg Shaker-ST.uds
Hand Percussion-ST.uds
JV80 Latin Percuss.uds
Maraca 01-ST.uds
Maraca 02-ST.uds
Maraca 03-ST.uds
Metal Shaker 01-ST.uds
Metal Shaker 02-ST.uds
Plastic Shaker 01-ST.uds
Plastic Shaker 02-ST.uds
Plastic Shaker 03-ST.uds
Small Wood Shaker-ST.uds
Soft Shakers-ST.uds
Tambourine 01-ST.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks PITCHED PERCUSSION

Atonal Hit.uds
Atonal Tap.uds
Bali Tap 1.uds
Bali Tap 2.uds
Bass Tap.uds
Can Tap 1.uds
Cash Tone.uds
Chime Tone.uds
Church Tone.uds
Clear Tone.uds
CZ Afri-Kalimba.uds
CZ Bar Bells.uds
CZ Toy Bell.uds
Glass Tone.uds
Gong Tone.uds
Guitar Head.uds
Guitar Hit.uds
Jack In A Box.uds
Jar Tone.uds
Lid Tone.uds
Log Drum 01.uds
Metal Tap 1.uds
Metal Tap 2.uds
Music Box 01.uds
New Baliphone.uds
Plate 2.uds
Rattle Tap.uds
Steel Drum 01.uds
Steel Drum 02.uds
Steel Drum 03.uds
SY99 Cloche.uds
TX Japanese Drum.uds
TX802 Vox Bell.uds
TX802 Woodblock.uds
Vibe Tone.uds
Whistle Tone.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks PLUCKED

12-String Guitar.uds
Classical Ac. Guitar.uds
CZ Bass Harp.uds
CZ Jazz Guitar.uds
CZ Mute Guitar.uds
CZ Muted Harp.uds
DX Guitar.uds
EX800 Mute Guitar-ST.uds
Guitar Heaven.uds
Ovation Ac. Guitar.uds
Proteus 12 String.uds
Proteus Acoustic Guitar.uds
Proteus E. Guitar.uds
Proteus Harmonics.uds
Proteus Mute Guitar.uds
TX8O2 Guitar.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks STRINGS

Foster Strings.uds
Matrix Strings 1.uds
Orchestra Hits 01-ST.uds
Proteus Orch Strings.uds
SY Section Pizzi.uds
SY99 Orch Strings.uds
Z1 Rich Strings-ST.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks SYNTHS

Air Pad.uds
Aire Low-Matrix-1000.uds
Airy Bells.uds
Bell Pad 1.uds
Bell Pad 2.uds
CZ DigiMidrange.uds
CZ Mystery.uds
CZ OB Flutes.uds
CZ Soundtrack.uds
CZ Synestra.uds
EX800 Accent Ens-ST.uds
EX800 Air Whistle-ST.uds
EX800 Crescendo-ST.uds
EX800 Doppler Brass-ST.uds
EX800 Dream Pad-ST.uds
EX800 Gentle Air-ST.uds
EX800 How-ST.uds
EX800 Jump-ST.uds
EX800 Mellow-ST.uds
EX800 Power Brass-ST.uds
EX800 Shew Brass-ST.uds
FM Brassy.uds
JP8000 Reso Noise.uds
JP8000 Super Saw.uds
JP8000 SynBoy-ST.uds
K3 Synth 01.uds
M1 Bamboo Bell-ST.uds
M1 Bell Voice-ST.uds
M1 Big City-ST.uds
M1 Bottle Bell-ST.uds
M1 Breathy-ST.uds
M1 Pankala-ST.uds
Matrix Profit.uds
Matrix-1000 Caripso.uds
Matrix-1000 Jarre Low.uds
Matrix-1000 Lyle Lead.uds
Matt Pad.uds
Mega Synth.uds
MicroMod Modulus-ST.uds
MicroMod Swirly-ST.uds
MicroMod Sync-ST.uds
MicroMod Synth Lead 01.uds
Moog Lead 01.uds
Moog Lead 02.uds
Moog Lead 03.uds
Moog Pitched Noise.uds
Proteus Dune.uds
Proteus Phantasia.uds
Proteus Wine Glass.uds
SY77 Bell Mix.uds
SY77 Bottle Chiff.uds
SY77 Itopia.uds
T1 Airy Pad-ST.uds
T1 Bell Pad-ST.uds
TX Gabriel Piano.uds
TX802 2nd Verse.uds
TX802 Air High.uds
TX802 Oberheim Pad.uds
TX802 Reso Keys.uds
Vice Stack.uds
Z1 Rubbery Comp.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks VOCAL

All SeXXXy Moans.uds
Barely White Vox.uds
M1 Doo Vox.uds
M1 Ooh Aah-ST.uds
M1 Vox Choir-ST.uds
Metal Vox.uds
New World Vox.uds
Proteus Choir.uds
SY99 Ooh Vox.uds
Synth Vox.uds
Vocal EFX.uds
Vocal Pad.uds

Bitheadz DS-1 Unity Patches Samples Soundbanks WOODWIND

Airy Tenor Sax.uds
Alto Recorder-ST.uds
Alto Sax 01.uds
Bamboo Flute-ST.uds
Bari Sax 01.uds
Bass Recorder-ST.uds
Breathy Flute.uds
Clarinet 01-Small.uds
CZ Bassoon.uds
CZ Pan Flute.uds
D50 Shakuhachi.uds
English Horn 01-Vib.uds
English Horn 02-Vib.uds
Flute 01.uds
Harmonica 01.uds
Harmonica 02.uds
Harmonica 03.uds
Harmonica 04.uds
Honker Sax.uds
Jazz Tenor Sax 1.uds
Oboe 01.uds
Oboe 02 Small.uds
Pan Flute 01.uds
Slide Whistle-Pitched.uds
Sopranino Recorder-ST.uds
Soprano Recorder-ST.uds
SY77 Alto Sax 01.uds
SY77 Clarinet.uds
SY77 Flute 01.uds
SY77 Hard Alto Sax.uds
SY77 Hard Tenor Sax.uds
SY77 Pan Flute.uds
SY77 Piccolo.uds
SY77 Recorder.uds
SY77 Soft Alto Sax.uds
SY77 Soft Tenor Sax.uds
SY77 Soprano Sax.uds
SY77 Tenor Sax 01.uds
SY99 Soprano Sax.uds
Tenor Recorder-ST.uds
Tenor Sax 01.uds
Tin Whistle.uds

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