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Steiner EVINyle Steiner EWI-EVISteiner EVI

Nyle Steiner Crumar EVI Patchman MusicNyle Steiner playing Akai EVI1000 EWV2000 EWI EWI4000s Patchman MusicThe official Nyle Steiner Homepage is brought to you and maintained by PATCHMAN MUSIC. Please forward any problems, comments, or contributions to this site to We have created this site in cooperation with wind controller pioneer Nyle Steiner to keep you up to date on the activities of the inventor of the EVI and EWI wind controllers. The Nyle Steiner Homepage is the place to go for the latest information on Nyle Steiner's projects as well as personal notes from Nyle Steiner himself.

For those unfamiliar with Nyle Steiner here is a short bio. Nyle originally conceived of the concept of a brass-style electronic synthesizer in the 1960s. He began prototyping the concept in the early 1970s and in 1975 Nyle completed his first playable electric valve instrument- the 'Steiner Horn'. A woodwind version (EWI) was developed soon after.

"I developed my own transducer using whatever- I tried a lot of things out. A lot of the main parts I had to build myself. The first one was just a switch. You blew and it turned on and off - just like pressing a key. Later I built a proportional transducer."

His early instruments were individually hand made by Nyle Steiner himself. In the mid 1970s, Nyle set up a small Salt Lake City Utah based synthesizer company named Steiner-Parker with Dick Parker and a third partner. The company produced various analog synths as well as the original Steiner EVI from approximately 1975 to 1980. In 1980, Nyle won the Linz prize for his EVI. In designing the original EVI, Nyle comments "I found it was best to design my own synthesizer. With MIDI and some of the more advanced designs, there are some synthesizers that work pretty well with it without having to modify them, but it used to be that I had to modify the synthesizers so much that I just gave up and designed my own."

Nyle Steiner EWI4000s PatchmanIn 1979 Steiner-Parker dissolved but Steiner continued on making electronic music products and continuing to develop the EVI and EWI. The "solo" Steiner company hooked up with Crumar at the end of the 1970s and Crumar marketed the EVI for a while. Around this time, Nyle's career was beginning to take some new turns. In 1979 he worked on the movie Apocalypse Now while commuting from Salt Lake City. He demonstrate the EVI for the producers and they really liked the sound. Nyle soon after moved to California and began to make a career for himself playing in the studios. "Most of the film composers use EVI in one way or another - it's really good as an expressive melody instrument; the vibrato flexibility, the bending - it's really easy to play that way." Steiner's EVI and EWI instruments have been used by world-class musicians including Michael Brecker, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Tom Scott, Jeff Kashiwa (Rippingtons), Bobby Read (Bruce Hornsby), Everette Harp, Joel Peskin, Mike Phillips (Stevie Wonder), and many others.

Nyle Steiner is also an experienced 'legit' trumpet player having worked with the Utah Symphony in the 1960s. He doesn't play acoustic trumpet these days. Instead, he devotes much of his time to developing the current model MIDI EVI and experimenting in the field of science. Over the years, Steiner has performed on recordings and soundtrack sessions with the top names in the business including Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond and has played on TV themes such as Knott's Landing and St. Elsewhere. Perhaps most notably, Steiner has played EVI on numerous large budget movie soundtracks. See the RECORDINGS section below for a brief list of Steiner's amazing body of recorded work.

If you have an EVI or Steiner synth you would like to sell or have repaired contact Matt at Patchman Music.

Nyle Steiner MIDI EVI at Patchman Music
Click for info on the NYLE STEINER MIDI EVI

Steiner EVINyle Steiner EWI-EVISteiner EVI

December 8, 2010 - Nyle Steiner releases new CD with keyboardist Richard Souther!

Nyle Steiner has teamed up with the extremely talented keyboardist Richard Souther and they have released a brand new Christmas CD titled "Season Of Joy".

This new CD release features with none other than EWI / EVI inventor Nyle Steiner on EVI. Be sure to check it out and support his efforts. The tracks sound great! Richard Souther plays keyboards and Nyle Steiner is on MIDI EVI.

Richard Souther writes:

"Early in the 1970's, I began exploring the world of electronic music. 'The Steiner Synthacon' was the first synthesizer I ever played and it traveled the globe with me. Fast forward to 2005, my wife & I moved to the Heber Valley in Utah, where we met its inventor, Nyle Steiner. We became friends and started performing together. We never play a song the same way twice. For a couple years we had talked about doing a Christmas project... 2010 we finally put it together."

Click here to read more about the new CD or buy it!

Nyle Steiner Richard Souther Christmas CD

May 12, 2010 - Nyle Steiner is interviewed and performs on PCTV in Utah!

Nyle Steiner played with keyboardist Richard Souther on Park City TV "Mountain Morning Show" with host Jen Hardman on May 12, 2010.

Nyle Steiner PCTVNyle and Richard played several selections and Nyle was interviewed and he explained the MIDI EVI.

Nyle also played a dazzling solo piece- JS Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor"- using the additional sequencing memory functions built into his "MEGA MIDI EVI". These features are only in his own personal system and not available to the public- at this time anyway!

After watching the video at the right, be sure to watch the related videos that will show at the bottom of the window. Those are videos of some of the other songs Nyle performed on the show with keyboardist Richard Souther.

Click here to read more about the Nyle Steiner MIDI EVI

March 2008 - Nyle Steiner releases CD with vocalist Beth Lawrence!

EVI / EWI inventor Nyle Steiner has teamed up with vocalist Beth Lawrence to release a brand new CD titled "Flash - A Musical Potpourri" available only at It features Nyle Steiner playing EVI with his custom rig (chord pedals and all), an amazing vocalist named Beth Lawrence, keyboardist Norman Thalheimer, and Scott Stalnaker. It's an incredible piece of work. Nyle's playing is simply stunning as always on the EVI wind controller- the instrument he invented- and it is sure to be an inspiration to all wind controller players. This is a must-have wind controller CD. You can listen to mp3 preview clips of all the tracks and order it from the link below. Go there, buy it, and support Nyle's efforts so that we might have more from him in the future.

Nyle Steiner and Beth Lawrence- "Flash - A Musical Potpourri":

"A Potpourri of music styles, ranging from the classical Bach Toccata to vocal music from the Broadway stage and beyond."

Click here to read more about the new CD or buy it!

Nyle Steiner Beth Lawrence CD A Music Potpourri

March 2006 - Akai Releases EWI4000s based on Nyle Steiner's Latest EWI PrototypesEWI4000s Patchman Music

In early 2004, Nyle Steiner traveled to Japan and delivered a new EWI prototype to the Akai Japan engineers. Nyle consulted with Akai on this project. This resulted in what became the new Akai EWI4000s which was based on his prototype. Click here for info and some unique photos of the prototypes.

6/30/2004 - EVI Is the subject of "Vintage Gear" column in Keyboard Magazine!

Be sure to check out this article on the MIDI EVI from the July 2004 issue of Keyboard Magazine. Mark Vail's wonderful "Vintage Gear" column on page 100 is all about Nyle Steiner's EVI!

5/24/2002 - Nyle Improves EWI3000mNyle Steiner NAMM EVI1000 Patchman

The stock model Akai EWI3000 did not have the slight delay programmed to "de-glitch" the fingering algorithm as found in the other EWI modules. The lack of this "deglitching delay" allows slightly faster fingering response but can also mean a LOT more unwanted notes (glitches) as the fingers change notes- especially when changing several fingers at once. If you are noticing a lot of glitches using your EWI3000m, contact Matt at Patchman Music for a mod to fix this.

11/7/2001 - Nyle Designs a Replacement Breath Block for the Akai EVI1000

Since factory replacement breath sensors are no longer available from Akai for the Akai EVI1000, Nyle Steiner has developed a replacement. Nyle states, "I am finally figuring out what to do about replacement breath blocks for the EVI1000. It is now possible to totally replace the mouthpiece, breath sensor and bite sensor with ones that I can make. I have had trouble with it because the adjustment pot parameters with breath and portamento on the EWV2000 module are too narrow to work with my normal breath sensor and bite sensor. I have finally figured out how to make a bite sensor that works in the EVI1000 with EWV2000 module. Instead of replacing the breath block, an aluminum strip can be screwed on the body to hold the new mouthpieces that I make, and it leaves the back end open so the breath sensor can fit in. It works really well but I still need to figure how to cover it. I am thinking of some sort of foam rubber covering or similar. This mod will require drilling a couple of holes and some soldering. Doing the above will lengthen the EVI by about an inch. I tried to keep it the original length for carrying case considerations but getting things to work electrically was enough of a challenge that length of the instrument concerns had to be abandoned. I am going to Barcelona, Spain and Montpellier, France from Nov 6 thru Nov 27 to perform Maurice Jarre's EVI concerto."

In association with Nyle Steiner, Matt Traum at Patchman Music is now able to perform the mod and can do it without changing the external appearance of the EVI1000. Matt is also able to build custom breath blocks for the EVI1000 and install them. Click here for details.

MIDI EVI Patchman MusicThe Nyle Steiner MIDI EVI Is Here

In 1998, Nyle Steiner completed and made available the world's first MIDI EVI! The MIDI EVI is a totally self-contained, trumpet-style MIDI controller which outputs MIDI directly from the controller thus eliminating the need for an additional interface box. This also means it is now possible to enjoy the wonderful world of wireless MIDI! Click here to get the full report on the new Nyle Steiner MIDI EVI.

Nyle Steiner EWI to EVI Conversion

For a time in the late 1990s Nyle Steiner was offering a service of converting several models of EWIs to an EVI. The converted EVIs can be plugged directly into an Akai EWI sound module. With the release of the MIDI EVI, he generally doesn't do this anymore. But for your interest, here are the original details.

Nyle Performs w/Melissa Manchester

In January 1998, we attended a radio play called "I Sent A Letter To My Love" starring Melissa Manchester featuring Nyle Steiner on EVI. Click here to read all about it and view some rare photos of Nyle Steiner's EVI gig rig.

Nyle At 1998 Winter NAMM showNyle Steiner 1998 NAMM Patchman Music

We met up with Nyle at the EMU booth at the 1998 Winter NAMM show in Los Angeles California. He was playing a prototype of his MIDI EVI connected to an EMU EIV sampler and was doing some amazing things! Click here to read all about it.

Nyle Records w/Jarre & BBC Orchestra

In October 1996, Nyle was in London for a recording session with Maurice Jarre and the BBC orchestra where they recorded "Concerto for E.V.I." composed by Maurice Jarre! The 19 minute 51 second concerto was recorded originally for a radio broadcast and later released on CD in 1997 on Milan Records. Nyle said the piece was the most demanding thing he has been faced with musically and technically. Nyle mentioned that he covered 95% of all of the sonic requirements of the entire piece with a Roland JV-1080! He used a sampler to cover one unique vocal sound not possible on the JV-1080. Nyle also has a BOSS Dr. Synth (basically, a repackaged version of the Sound Canvas) that can be used as a back-up for the JV-1080.

The Milan Records website writes: "World-renowned film and theater composer Maurice Jarre conducted The BBC Orchestra in a live performance at the Royal Festival Hall on October 18, 1996. The performance was recorded and was released in 1997 as "Maurice Jarre at the Royal Festival Hall" on Milan Records. The performance includes some of Jarre's most popular works as well as the world premiere of "Concerto for Electronic Valve Instrument," an original piece for the instrument invented by Nyle Steiner who performs as the soloist.

Here is some info on the disc...

  • Click here for a track listing.
  • Click here for details (translated from German) on the recording "Maurice Jarre at the Royal Festival Hall". "Concerto For Electronic Valve Instrument: Composed in St. Moritz in Switzerland, this concert presents the classic form with four movements. These movements represent the aspects of our life: Creation (Allegro), Evolution (Adagio-Andante), Pollution (Scherzo) and Liberation (Waltz Finale). The movements are played without a break, with the exception of a short cadence of the soloists between the individual movements. Maurice Jarre wrote this piece for Nyle Steiner, who is a great musician and a genius of electronic music - and he dedicated it to his wife Fong, who is his constant inspiration."

Apparently this CD is out of print. I found a copy on Ebay. If you can't find a copy, keep trying. They pop up from time to time.

Nyle Performs At 1997 Winter NAMM Show

Nyle Steiner 1997 NAMM Patchman MusicOn January 17, 1997, Nyle Steiner performed with the Yamaha Virtual Big Band at the 1997 Winter NAMM show. Since he has been affiliated for so many years with Akai, Nyle likens this historic meeting between himself and Yamaha to the Soviets and the U.S. sharing a space station! Sadly, there has been no indication of a collaboration on future hardware development as of this writing. Click here to check out our full report of the performance including some great photos.

Nyle Steiner on Velocity and the EWI3020m

Nyle confirms that velocity is not properly handled in the EWI3020m. The problem has to do with when you slur notes. As it is in the old OS, if you slur and change breath pressure, the new notes use the velocity of the first tongued note. The velocity doesn't change in response to breath pressure as it is supposed to- and as it does- with the EWI3030m and EWV2000. With this bug, a note MUST be tongued to send a new velocity. He went on to say that the original EVI1000 and EWI1000 handle velocity the best of all the Akai controllers to date.

Addendum: Akai has since released an updated operating system that fixes this! If this velocity bug bugs you, contact Patchman Music or Akai to get your EWI3020m module updated. As an added bonus, this new OS allows you to send MIDI Expression controller data (CC#11) from the breath sensor.

Steiner EVINyle Steiner EWI-EVISteiner EVI

A collection of photos of Nyle Steiner's wonderful inventions...

 Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Be sure to visit the new EVI Photo Gallery. This is a fun photo collection of musicians playing the EVI. Be sure to send us yours to be included!

Shown at right, Michael Brecker playfully miming on Judd Miller's MIDI EVI.

EVI Photo Gallery at Patchman Music
 Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info An amazing prototype EVI likely from the early 1970s. Note that the basic form of the instrument is exactly the same (i.e. the canister and left hand index finger key and thus the associated fingering system) as found on Nyle's later models. Though small additional improvements have been developed, Nyle's brilliant vision was quite clear and well thought out from the start. This prototype shown at right detected only the note CV from the fingering, and an on-off trigger signal from a switch that was moved as the result of filling a sealed air pocket between two pieces of wood. Be sure to visit NMC Collections Online webpage for details on the EVI prototype here.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Here's a classic photo of Nyle playing a very early Steiner-Parker EVI.

This picture looks to be from the mid 1970's. The earliest models sent only pitch CV (derived from the player's fingering) and a simple on-off Gate trigger (sent from the player's breath). Later Steiner added a portamento knob to set a portamento time between all notes. Next came a portamento switch near the third valve which allowed the player to switch on and off the portamento (with the portamento time being set by a pot on the side of the EVI). Steiner later designed and added proportional breath sensing (variable breath pressure CV instead of simple on-off sensing), an AC-coupled vibrato sensor under the player's right hand thumb, and Bend Up and Bend Down sensors on either side of the vibrato sensor under the player's right hand thumb.

Note the silver finish on the EVI and the early model silver faceplate Steiner-Parker Synthacon and modular synth in the background.

Nyle Steiner Mid 1970s Patchman Music
Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Nyle Steiner's Masters Touch Photo A / Photo B was manufactured by Crumar in Italy in the early 1980s. It was a remarkably innovative and expressive piece of gear designed by EVI and EWI inventor Nyle Steiner. 25+ years later, there has not been a product like it since. The Steiner Masters Touch is an analog voltage controlled filter with voltage control signals coming from three different sources: breath, bite, and finger motion (the foam rubber pad on the unit labeled "TM"- Touch Modulation). You blow into the mouthpiece which is connected to the unit via two tubes. One tube is connected to the mouthpiece which in turn has an opening in half the tip. The other tube is connected to the mouthpiece but the tip is closed so air does not escape. The open end tube is connected to a breath pressure transducer. The closed end tube is connected to a similar transducer but since it is closed the sensor measures how hard you are biting the mouthpiece. The built-in Steiner two pole analog filter opens and closes relative to breath pressure. The filter can oscillate if the resonance is turned up and the unit is properly calibrated. The Breath Sensor signal is also output as a 0 to 10VDC voltage for controlling CV type synths. Also note that the Masters Touch can be used as a standalone device- without a CV synth connected- with any audio source fed into its audio input. The "bite" control outputs a smaller voltage as you bite and wiggle your jaw. With the Touch Modulation pad, you wiggle or rock your finger and it outputs just enough voltage for expressive vibrato control and bend effects. The Masters Touch also outputs trigger voltages from the breath input (both positive and negative going triggers), so you can trigger most CV type synth envelopes. It has separate CV outputs for breath, bite, and the TM sensor. It also has sensitivity adjustments and four LEDs show breath amount and trigger states. The Masters Touch was a very innovative piece of gear that still has not been duplicated.

Masters Touch Patchman Music
Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Two photos of the original model Steiner-Parker EVI controller are here and here. This model was marketed around 1974-75 and it was the first production model EVI offered to the public. This EVI was a CV synth controller designed for trumpet and brass players- as opposed to keyboardists- with no synth built-in. The earliest models, as shown here, had an on-off switch controlled by the player's breath which simply turned the gate CV on and off. Subsequent models incorporated Steiner's proportional breath transducer which allowed for smooth breath controlled transitions from full off to full on allowing far more expressive control of a synthesizer. This model also has a portamento knob on the side of the horn to set a portamento speed- but no switch yet to turn on and off the portemento effect. Early models, as shown at right, also had no vibrato sensor or bend sensors. These innovations would come later.
Steiner Parker EVI Patchman Music

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Here is a scan of the promo sheet for an early Steiner EVI and Case.

Note the name "Parker" is no longer on the instrument. Partner Dick Parker was bought out around this time.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info A slightly later model EVI is shown here. Note the addition of the portamento switch near the third valve which allows the player to turn on or off the portamento effect while playing the EVI. This horn also has the vibrato sensor under the right hand thumb- one of the first models to have this new feature. Click here to listen to a short clip of Matt Traum playing this model EVI connected to a Steiner MicroCon synth box. Be sure to visit NMC Collections Online webpage for details on this EVI model here.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website InfoSteiner EMU Modular EVI Interface to interface the Steiner EVI controller with modular type synths.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info The Steiner Synthacon is a highly sought-after analog synth designed by Nyle Steiner in the mid 1970s. Steiner also released a Synthacon version without the keyboard. Early Synthacons had a silver faceplate. Later models were black.

The Steiner Synthacon Front and Back

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info This fully portable "Salt Lake" model Steiner EVI, sometimes called the EVI-II, is self-contained featuring the EVI controller plus a built-in analog synth- complete with various control knobs, an audio amplifier, and even a small speaker in the case for monitoring or practicing! The power supply is built-in so you just plug the AC cord into the wall and you are making music. This EVI, show at right, has extensive signal inputs and output jacks so it makes for a great controller for older analog gear that has CV and Trigger capabilities. Other Salt Lake EVIs do not have the CV Out capabilities. The Portamento switch was moved to the left hand canister on this horn to make room for a "pinky ring". This horn also has a vibrato sensor for the right hand thumb- another innovation that was added on all later models. Check out the pictures: PHOTO1 / PHOTO2 / PHOTO3 / PHOTO4 / PHOTO5.

Steiner EVI  Patchman Music

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website InfoAn interesting Steiner EVI with a custom case

This one is interfaced with a heavily modified JL Cooper Wind Driver box (modified by Nyle Steiner) to provide MIDI OUT to control external MIDI synths.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Crumar Steiner EVI (EVI, analog synth, and case). Made in Italy by Crumar in the very early 1980s. Photo A, Photo B Another set of photos of the Crumar EVI (early 1980's). Some units were interfaced by Nyle Steiner to a JL Cooper MIDI Wind Driver Box (heavily modded by Steiner) to provide MIDI OUT. Top West coast EVI player Judd Miller owned and used several of these modded Crumar EVIs in his movie soundtrack and studio session work.
Crumar EVI Patchman Music

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Around 1984-1985, Nyle Steiner designs and produces by hand a very small number of EVI and EWI "Steinerphones" for top professionals such as Doug Norwine, Michael Brecker, Joel Peskin, Bruce Cassidy, Sam Zambito, and Gary Herbig.

The EVI Steinerphone (brass fingering version) was the first model Steiner makes. Designed for brass players wanting to play synthesizers expressively, the Steinerphone EVI features a custom designed analog Steiner synth built into a small attache case for portability.

At first, the only model Steiner made was the EVI for brass players. But soon after, woodwind players took notice and saw what this amazing instrument could do asked for a woodwind type model. Subsequently, Steiner designs an EWI model as well for woodwind players.

One of the most famous players to play the Steinerphone is Michael Brecker. Brecker featured the EWI Steinerphone on many recordings both solo and with Steps Ahead and others. Check out the 1986 Steps Ahead "Live In Japan" DVD (ID5736ERDVD) for some amazing Steinerphone playing!

Some Steinerphones were interfaced to an external JL Cooper MIDI Wind Driver Box which was heavily modded by Steiner to provide MIDI OUT capabilities to drive external MIDI synthesizers.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info An interesting one-off EWI handmade by Nyle Steiner in the mid-1980s. It is built inside a business attache case.

This "Steinerphone" EWI controller is hard wired to a modified Steiner MicroCon analog synth. Photo A / Photo B / Photo C / Photo D / Photo E.

Click here to listen to a short clip of Matt Traum playing an early model EVI connected to a Steiner MicroCon synth box.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Here is an interesting customized Steinerphone EWI that was originally handmade by Nyle Steiner in the mid-1980s then modified in 2013 by Matt Traum into what he calls a "Hyper-EVI Steinerphone". Although it has the EWI form factor for the most part, this EWI Steinerphone was heavily modded internally and externally by Matt Traum to finger like an EVI brass style wind controller. This custom horn has an EVI trill key bridge attached behind the right hand key pads, a touch-sensitive glide time sensor near the right hand pinky finger, and additional trill/transpose keys for both hands. This is the same model Steinerphone EWI Michael Brecker played for many years in the mid to late 1980s with Steps Ahead and on various studio sessions. This model was the first EWI that Brecker played and he took the instrument to amazing heights. This horn was hand made by the great wind controller inventor Nyle Steiner. It plays incredibly well- it's the Stradivarius of wind controllers. It hooks up to a companion synth system (also designed by Steiner) via a ribbon cable.

Watch Matt Traum play this instrument here and here.

Steinerphone EVI EWI modded by Matt Traum made by Nyle Steiner Patchman Music Michael Brecker

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info In 1987, Nyle Steiner's EVI and EWI Steinerphones are licensed by Akai and developed into a commercial product. Akai releases the Akai EVI1000 and EWI1000 along with their companion EWV2000 analog sound module. This Akai system had MIDI Out capabilities built in for external sound module control. This marks the beginning of a long relationship between Steiner and Akai. Akai went on to develop several more EWI models (the EVI model was not carried on by Akai past the initial EVI1000 model) including the EWI3000 and its EWI3000m module, EWI3020 and the its two modules the analog EWI3020m, the sample ROM based EWI3030m, and others. Here is a photo of Nyle's EVI as first produced by Akai in 1987- The Akai EVI1000 and EWV2000

The Akai EVI1000 and EWV2000 in case

The Akai EWV2000 Analog Sound Module

The Akai EVI1000 Brass Style Wind Controller

The Akai EWI1000 Woodwind Style Wind Controller

Akai EWI-EVI Patchman Music
Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info In 1998, Nyle Steiner completed and made available the world's first MIDI EVI! The MIDI EVI is a totally self contained, trumpet-style MIDI controller which outputs MIDI directly from the controller thus eliminating the need for an additional interface box. This also means it is now possible to enjoy the wonderful world of wireless MIDI! Visit the Patchman Music MIDI EVI Homepage for photos and complete info on the MIDI EVI model from Nyle Steiner.

Nyle Steiner MIDI EVI at Patchman Music

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info In 2004 Nyle Steiner designs the RADically innovative new side-by-side MIDI EWI- nicknamed the "RAD EWI"- for Michael Brecker based on the general design of the MIDI EVI.

Brecker loved this model and performed extensively with it including the 2004 Mount Fuji concert with Steps Ahead.

Click here for info on the "RAD" model MIDI EWI, photos, and videos of Michael Brecker playing the RAD MIDI EWI.

Michael Brecker RAD MIDI EWI Patchman Music

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Later in 2004, Nyle Steiner designs another new MIDI EWI model for the late great Michael Brecker based on the design of the MIDI EVI- this one is an "inline" system whereby the hands are placed on the instrument in the more traditional positions.

Click here for info on this MIDI EWI model.

This model becomes the prototype design for the Akai EWI4000s.

Nyle Steiner MIDI EWI at Patchman Music

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info In 2004 Nyle Steiner travels to the Akai headquarters in Japan to deliver the latest EWI prototype and collaborates with Akai Japan in developing what is to become the Akai EWI4000s Electronic Wind Instrument.

Click here for photos and info on Steiner's trip to Japan and his involvement with Akai.


Akai EWI4000s at Patchman Music

Nyle Steiner At Akai Japan


Steiner EVINyle Steiner EWI-EVISteiner EVI

Here are some Nyle Steiner related links...

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Be sure to visit the EVI Photo Gallery

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Joel Peskin recalls the story of working with Nyle Steiner and Akai in this wonderful EWI-EVI history page.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info The Wind Controller FAQ contains lots of info and links relating to the EWI-EVI

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Here is the EVI page at Synth Museum. Lots of info and pictures. There's more at The Steiner-Parker Room at the Synth Museum - Lots of pictures and info on older synths designed and built by Nyle Steiner.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Nyle Steiner's EVI is the subject of Ron Cole's doctoral dissertation titled "The Electronic Valve Instrument: Nyle Steiner's Unique Musical Innovation," submitted to the University of Washington in June of 1998. Download the dissertation here (Mac-Stuffed) or here (PC-Zipped) 1.3 megs. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Steiner EVINyle Steiner EWI-EVISteiner EVI

Here is a list of some Nyle Steiner related articles that have been publish over the years...

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Keyboard Magazine. July 2004. Nyle Steiner's EVI is the subject of Mark Vail's "Vintage Gear" column! The column talks a bit about the history of the EVI and even quotes the author of this website (Matt Traum) who helped with some fact checking for the article. Article is on page 100. Check it out here.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Keyboard Magazine. December 2000. Mark Vail's Vintage Gear column features the Steiner-Parker Synthacon and an interview with Nyle Steiner. This page was even mentioned in the article!

Nyle Steiner with Shirley Walker PatchmanNyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Electronic Musician Magazine. October 1996. There was an eight page article named "Orchestrated Escape" by Mark Steensland about the recording of the soundtrack to the movie "Escape From L.A.". The following is the portion that discusses Nyle Steiner's work on the soundtrack using his new prototype EVI... "The EVI maestro, Nyle Steiner. Steiner's breath-controlled Electronic Valve Instrument- which he designed- was the workhorse for the expressive elements of the score. On single melody lines and multipart clusters, the EVI brought a 'human performance' quality to synth sounds that would have taken significant programming time to emulate via sequencing. 'Nyle was playing his brand-new prototype on this project,' beams Walker. 'Akai licensed his previous version, but this was his own hot-rod version of the EVI. It's like the difference between an Indy racer and a car you can buy in a showroom. Steiner had no sequences to rely on for note information, so his parts had to be notated on sheet music. He usually had a double-stave part notating the melodies he played solo as well as the overlapping lines he played when he had to double what the keyboards were doing. Steiner also had to adapt his playing style somewhat, reducing his usual vibrato to match the techno feel that Walker envisioned for the synthesizer cues. 'I assigned Nyle the majority of the melodies, choirs, and strange pitchbending types of colors,' says Walker. 'The Surgeon General of Beverly Hills sequence has an amazing low, demented cow kind of sound that is quintessential Steiner." It includes a photo of Nyle holding the new EVI (shown at right).

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Insight Magazine. February 5, 1990. A two page article titled "Musicians Plug Into a New Sound (A New Crop of Electronic Instruments)" by Eric Felten. Nyle Steiner mentioned in article. Page 48.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Music Technology Magazine. April 1987. Includes a review of the Frankfurt Musikmesse. Discusses the release of the EVI1000 and EWI1000. Includes picture of Nyle Steiner playing the Steinerphone. Pages 50, 51, and 54.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Music Technology Magazine. December 1987. An interview with Nyle Steiner and Sal Gallina (design consultant for the WX7). Four pages. Also includes a review of the Akai EVI1000 and EWI1000. 4 pages. Click here to read the interview.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Saxophone Journal. May/June 1997. "A Virtual Big Band Makes History" by Bruce Ronkin. About the Yamaha Virtual Big Band Concert at the 1997 winter NAMM show which Nyle Steiner participated in. Two pages (p.62-63).

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Sound On Sound Magazine. September 1987. "The Search For Expression" by John L. Walters. An article that includes quotes from Nyle Steiner.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info There is a database of many more wind controller related articles in the Wind Controller Bibliography

Steiner EVINyle Steiner EWI-EVISteiner EVI

Nyle Steiner has performed with his EVI on numerous recordings and soundtracks as well as with top names in the business including Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, and many many others.

Nyle Steiner Recordings

  • Boston Philharmonic - "Divertimento"
  • Neil Diamond - "Headed for the Future" (1986)
  • Neil Diamond - "In My Lifetime" (1996)
  • Ofra Haza - "Desert Wind" (1989)
  • Maurice Jarre - "Maurice Jarre at the Royal Festival Hall" (1997)
  • Maurice Jarre - "Emotion & The Strength" (2002)
  • Bill LaBounty - "Bill LaBounty" (1982)
  • Barbra Streisand - "One Voice" (1987) CD and Video. Barbra introduces Nyle before the last song and he demonstrates the EVI.
  • L. Subramaniam - "Indian Express"
  • L. Subramaniam w/Stephane Grapelli - "Conversations"
  • ...and many others!

Nyle Steiner Movie Soundtrack Credits

  • Apocalypse Now (1979)
  • Apocalypse Now (Redux) (2001)
  • Apocalypse Now (The Complete Dossier) (2006) - Vintage footage of Nyle Steiner in the studio recording this historic soundtrack is included in extra video features!
  • Black Stallion - Interestingly, Steiner participated as a composer- not as a session musician. Nyle Steiner and Shirley Walker improvised live to the film then this recording was sent to an orchestrator to be replayed by an orchestra.
  • The Color Purple (1985)
  • Dead Poets Society
  • Enemy Mine (1985)
  • Escape From L.A. (1996)
  • Fatal Attraction (1987)
  • Ghost
  • Gorillas In The Mist (1988)
  • Gorky Park (1983) - "James Horner composer. Intrada ISC 289. Brilliantly blended orchestral and synthesized textures, wielding an impressive array of stringed instruments (including balalaika, mandolin, guitar, oud, harp and cimbalom), and featuring such distinctive textures as accordion, the piercing otherworldly tones of Nyle Steiner's EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) and the cavernous groanings of Craig Huxley's Blaster Beam."
  • Green Card
  • Her Alibi
  • Jacob's Ladder (1990)
  • Maxie
  • Mississippi Masala (1992)
  • Mosquito Coast (1986)
  • Mystic Pizza
  • No Way Out
  • The Object of Beauty
  • Officer And A Gentleman
  • Only The Lonely
  • Police Academy III
  • Prancer
  • Pretty In Pink
  • Rescuers Down Under
  • Shadow Of The Wolf (1993)
  • Simple Twist of Fate
  • Star Trek III, The Search for Spock
  • Switch
  • Twins
  • Witness
  • ...and others!

Nyle Steiner TV Work

  • Cagney & Lacy
  • Columbo
  • Dallas (was the first show he worked on)
  • Fantasy Island
  • Knott's Landing (solo on main theme)
  • Jake & The Fat Man
  • Matlock
  • Mike Hammer
  • Perry Mason
  • Quincy
  • Remington Steele
  • St. Elsewhere
  • ...and others!

(Some of the above links are to's site which contain RealAudio clips. In some of the clips you can hear some of Nyle's EVI work.) For additional Nyle Steiner recordings, visit All Music Guide and do an Artist search for "Nyle Steiner". You may find additional recordings there.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info There is a database of many more Wind Controller Recordings in the Wind Controller Recordings Homepage

Steiner EVINyle Steiner EWI-EVISteiner EVI

Listen to these high quality MP3 tracks featuring the genius of Nyle Steiner:

Dance Of The Comedians.mp3 (2.9 megs) Composer: Bedrick Smetana - Public Domain. The main EVI Trumpet patch is a sample of Nyle's own trumpet.

Benevolent Paradox.mp3 (1.3 megs) Composer: Nyle Steiner. Keep in mind that this free improvisational piece was recorded in a single pass by a single musician- Nyle Steiner! Regarding this track, Nyle writes... "I have several different methods of making chords. On Benevolent Paradox, I used one of those methods. I had five pedals each with its own preprogrammed chord. Whenever I push a pedal, a given chord will play along with the note I am playing. I simply pushed different pedals as I played. I was also able to push combinations of more than one pedal at a time. I probably used about a dozen different chords. It is hard to remember exactly what I did for the sound. I used a combination of my own sampled trumpet from a Roland S750 and some other brass sounds from additional sound modules. I don't remember for sure what modules were used to make the additional brass sounds. It was probably a Korg M1 or a JV-1080. This feature is part of an additional microprocessor system that I have developed to use with the EVI. I have not produced any of these systems for anyone yet." (5/9/2000)

Things I Should Have Said.mp3 (4.1 megs) Composer: Nyle Steiner.

Nyle Steiner Homepage Website Info Pick up Nyle Steiner's CD "Flash - A Music Potpourri" at

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The above music selections are provided courtesy of Nyle Steiner and are copyright by Nyle Steiner. All Rights Reserved.

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